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12/9/11 06:40 pm - anjichan - [Manga Colouring] FAKE Series + icons

I can't remember the last time I posted anything graphic related from my beloved first love Fake, so I decided that I would finish up some manga colourings that I really wanted to do since the doujinshi & 3rd volume of Fake season 2 and so I wish to dedicate these colourings to yes_rhade_djs who never fail to bring us Fake goodies and to scarlett_death for all the support and own manga colouring achievement! ♥

Warning! The graphics included in this post do contain some bl themes.
That means boy-on-boy (nothing explicit) or boyxboy kissing!

Colourings & icons found here @ anjichan

12/6/11 11:24 pm - scarlett_death - One solitary icon...

Okay, so I... really wanted an icon of this scene in the doujinshi, and so I stalked this journal ever since it was released... but no icon of it... so I had to make it myself... And I know that I am horrible HORRIBLE at making icons, so please don't shoot me! I wanted to share it though, in case anyone else wanted it... I've got a high-def scan of the page if anyone wants to make a better one. 

10/23/11 04:10 pm - hirata30 - Icons

I made a few icons from Fake.

[015] Fake
[022] Retro various

More... this way!

1/15/11 10:18 pm - anjichan - fake icons!

(x05) FAKE
+ 100 various bl icons

Rest found here @ anjichan

8/1/10 01:37 am - hirata30

Hi! I have never post here, but now... I have brought a few Fake icons, this is not my first try with photoshop but I just picked up my courage to show my creations. So, if you are curious, CLICK!

Do you want to see more?...This way!

7/10/10 11:07 pm - anjichan - Fake Icons

(12x) Fake icons
+ 177 Various BL Series

Rest found here @ anjichan

5/15/10 07:29 pm - anjichan - Fake Icons!

(30x) FAKE icons
+ 182 Various BL Series

Rest found here @anjichan

2/13/10 07:15 pm - anjichan - -FAKE- Icons

(17x) FAKE icons
+ 164 Various BL Series

Rest found here @anjichan

12/18/09 09:13 pm - anjichan - Fake Icons

(28x) FAKE/Fake 2
+ 179 More BL themed Icons

Rest found here @ anjichan

10/2/09 07:59 pm - anjichan - FAKE Icons

(33x) FAKE + 170 BL Series Icons

Rest found here @anjichan
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