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FAKE Icons

FAKE Icons!
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Hello, this is the brand-new community for icons from the manga series (and OVA) FAKE. I'm the creator, clytemnaestra, and since this community is new, we'll need some help getting started.
But for now, everyone can check out 27th_precinct for all your yaoi/shounen-ai goodness! Hopefully we'll get a layout and members soon!

1. Respect other icon-makers, give credit!
2. Icons should adhere to lj size standards (unless specifically stated/requested otherwise).
3. If you post more than four icons, use a lj cut (see LJ FAQ for more info) .
4. While this is a FAKE community, other fandoms are allowed- as long as the post does have FAKE in it.
5. Constructive criticism is nice but please no bashing/insulting.
6. Since FAKE is a yaoi/shounen-ai manga, this is obviously welcome. However, when posting anything above pg-13 in nature, please use a lj-cut AND a warning! If you're unsure about whether to use a lj-cut, just use one in order to be safe.
7. Other graphics (friends-only banners, wallpapers, layouts, etc.) are welcome! But please keep in mind that this is originally an icon community.
8. Have fun!


FakePhoenix is the best site I've found for scans and images from FAKE, here's a banner!

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